Permits and Licences

Dog Licenses

Costs: see below

Where to Apply: Town Clerk

14 Frederick Street (Town Hall) PO Box 222, Constantia NY 13044

Requirements for Application:

All dogs over the age of four months must be licensed. The town amended its dog license fee schedule at the February 2007 meeting:

A copy of a current Rabies Vaccination and Spay or Neutering certificate, if applicable, with appropriate fee must be submitted to the Town Clerk's Office. Applications will be accepted from residents of the Town of Constantia and Oswego County Village of Cleveland residents. In the town of Constantia the Dog Control Officer, Karen Ashley can be reached at 623-9382. In the village of Cleveland, Oswego County, the Dog Control Officer, Clayton Conover can be reached at (315)245-0787.

Marriage Licenses

Costs: $40.00

Where to Apply: Town Clerk

14 Frederick Street (Town Hall), PO Box 222, Constantia, NY 13044

Requirements for Application:

The bride and groom must come together to apply for a license, at least 24 hours before the wedding, but no more than 60 days in advance. Please bring:

Other permits

Certain other activities in the town of Constantia may require a permit. For further information, contact the Town Clerk or the Code Enforcement Officer.